coriander pickle-kotthimeera 500gms

coriander pickle-kotthimeera 500gms

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Ingredients          : coriander, salt, red chili , sesame oil,garlic,fenugreek seeds,tamarind,jaggery,mixed spices.

Best Served with   :Idli,All types of Dosas,White Rice and dal with Ghee,

Orgin                     : Interior Andhra Pradesh Districts such as East Godavari,West Godavari,Krishna etc.,

Taste                      : Spicy,Salty,Sweet

Best Before            : 1 year from Production day

Usage Limit           :  1 Spoons/Usage

Storage                 :once the pack is opened transfer the pickle in to dry jar,retain oil layer on the  top,keep the jar closed after use and refrigerate it.always use dry preservatives are added.

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