Pesara avakay/ Mango Pickle Classic Gold- 500gms

Pesara avakay/ Mango Pickle Classic Gold- 500gms

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Tentaive Delivery Date: Before April 25th

Ingredients: Medium-Large Mango pieces, salt,sesame oil,refined sunflower oil,Moong dal,garlic,mustard powder with Kongaras Magical Andhra Mix....

Best Served with:Idli,All types of Dosas,White Rice-Ghee, Dal rice etc.,

Orgin : Interior Andhra Pradesh Districts such as East Godavari,West Godavari,Krishna etc.,

Taste           : Salty, Piquant  and Magical . 0% Spicy.

Best Before : 8 Months from Production Day

Usage Limit : Unlimited . Normally 2-3 Spoons/Usage

Storage        : In Refrigerator. Pickle with oil on top would normally increase the Pickle life till 1+ Year. always use dry spoon.



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